Best Retro Christmas Movies


No, probably there is no better Christmas movie than “Love Actually”. This multi-threaded story has been incessantly wining viewer’s hearts all over the world for almost two decades now. However, there are some films though forgotten, can boldly compete with this British production Here is a subjective list of the five best Christmas retro films.

1. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947)
A light comedy set in a luxurious mansion at New York’s most famous Fifth Avenue. This black and white film is a great reminder of human kindness, gently criticizes the social classes’ differences and even evokes the atmosphere of silent cinema.

2. Meet me in St. Louis

Do you remember the scene from “Sex and the City” when Carrie Bradshaw spends Christmas Eve alone? With this cup of noodles, she is watching this great performance of Judy Garland. What’s more, it involves one of the most beautiful Christmas songs, created especially for the purpose of this film. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” touches me every time, whether it’s sung by Judy, Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé.

3. Holiday Inn (1942)

A Christmas musical in the style of a romantic comedy about a love triangle between the members of the dance-vocal trio. Two men fight for the heart of the beautiful Lila. A charming, classic film, which remembers the gentlemen era and Fred Astaire’s feet. Let’s not forget the Oscar-winning performance of “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby! Crème de la crème of the winter aura.

4. Holiday Affair (1949)

A little Christmassy cliché. A classic love story, with quite predictable but cozy plot and yet some dramatic moments. The strong point of the movie is undoubtedly a great cast of actors..

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

My true love Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang in Holiday TV special. Together with Charlie Brown, they are searching for the true meaning of Christmas.

Does the coat make the man?


Today a “look” starring flare jeans. I know how different opinions are about them, especially those with a looser cut, boyfriend style or with a bunch of irregular holes. I know how through a pair of pants, an extravagant dress or uncommonly colored hair one can be pigeonholed.

Personally, I think such generalizations are the greatest enemy when it comes to creating a style of our own, especially in Poland, where we are still too shy about experimenting with clothes. The power of individual style is reflected in our personality more often than we even think. Not without reason, the old saying, “Fine feathers make fine birds”, still works. Regardless of our opinion on that subject, the clothes are an integral part of the personality in the same way as they used to determine one’s social status or wealth. The style speaks of us before we even open our mouth.

But where is the fashion in all this?

Well, it’s just one of the many tools that create the style. Seasonal trends, mom’s vintage closet or movie inspirations are the elements of this everyday puzzle and inform about our character, taste or even mood.

Maybe the coat doesn’t make the man, but for sure it tells a lot about him.


(+) People









Golden season, golden tower


Living in a new place always entails many captivating occurrences; starting off deliberately throwing yourself into the experience of getting lost in some narrow streets, discovering your favorite places or simply ending up in places where you never wanted to.

I absolutely love the second aspect, meaning, finding your favorite spots, especially when it happens by chance. I still remember my favorite café in Milan, which reminded me of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, it was not popular nor beautiful, most of the signiori came to talk about sports, the students were coming for the brioches and espresso quickly sipped at the bar counter, but I loved this place and its cappuccino. For me, that bar has some elusive quality. That is the beauty of discovering the favorite spots, you can’t always tell exactly why you love the particular place, you just keep coming back and enjoying it every single time.

Before I came to Seville I was curious whether this time I will find mine too. Surprisingly (or not) one of such places turned out to be the area near the Golden Tower, probably the most famous landmark of the capital of Andalusia. Located right at the riverside, it looks the most spectacular during the sunset and that’s how I first saw it. What’s more, at night it becomes kind of hotspot for the numerous bottellónes. Tinto nowhere tastes better!

Photo Credit: Michael Morritt











Livin' la vida sevillana


Although it’s not a post dedicated to films, it surely has a cinematic motif! Namely, the location. One of the most beautiful places in Seville is undoubtedly the Spain Square and its Maria Luisa Garden. This is a historical place, however, many people associate it rather with the Star Wars II movie, and some film geeks will also remember it from Lawrence of Arabia. I personally remember the music video for the song Something Got Me Started by Simply Red, which was partially done in this very location. A place to see in Seville.







It's been a year!


It’s hard for me to believe, but my blog is one year old! Exactly a year ago I dared to start this small undertaking, which was in my head for God knows how long. Finally, an extra motivation came in the shape of an internship in Milan the first content was created in Monaco, and now I am writing this, who would have expected, during another internship but in Seville! I am incredibly curious where I will celebrate the next birthday of the blog. This year of loads of traveling, adventures and new experiences only proves to me “impossible is nothing”. Nobody put ideas, self-motivation or willingness into my head and every day I realize how much everything depends just on us.

Thanks to everyone who has always supported my work, motivated me and made me feel that I don’t do it only for myself. I really hope that my adventure in the fashion-cultural blogosphere is just getting started!

Below a few favorite moments of the past year!







¡Hola Sevilla!


There is a place in the world where the clatter of heels is not accidental, the pattern of polka dot is proudly worn, and the flowers in the hair are not signs of kitsch nor are considered as tastelessness. Welcome to Seville, the cradle of flamenco, the hottest, literally, city in Spain. Please make yourself comfortable here as we gonna spend some time here. I hope my adventure in the capital of Andalusia will bring closer some fashion and culture of this country, and maybe I will be able to gradually say more about this place, not from the perspective of tourist but the resident. I am very curious about this experience, the differences I will discover between Spain and other countries that I used to live in. I’m happy to use another zip code now, although as I know myself, it will only be a stopover. Nevertheless, welcome Spain, be a good home to me. So far you have given me a warm welcome. Actually, very warm – 38 degrees. So I’m putting on my big, dark sunglasses and I’m on my way to get to know you better.


H&M (Lana del Rey Collection)








How it is with Italian fashion?


Whenever I visit bookstores and grub around (unfortunately) poorly stocked fashion department, I am always surprised by the same thing – quite limited perception of the issue of fashion. Looking at the titles of available positions, it seems that only the French know how to dress, or it’s a trendy catch. I can’t even count the number of albums and guides that contain phrases like “French style”, “Parisian chic” or “be like French girl”. Undoubtedly, representatives of a country lying on the Seine can boast of good taste and impressive fashion history but are not the only ones on the map of Europe that can be proud of their style. The Italians are in step with them and the “made in Italy” tag incessantly tempts Polish women.

The fact that Italy is the cradle of fashion houses like Armani, Gucci or Prada makes this country unique. It is these designers who are responsible for the introduction of classic fragrances, clothes or accessories that are desirable from Madrid to Seoul. What is then, the difference between Italian and French fashion? I would say that Italian fashion is bolder. Immediately in my mind I have the picture of Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci store windows. Whenever I passed them on Via Della Spiga or Montenapoleone they always stood out against other luxury boutiques. Many Italian designers boldly leave the classics, often choosing  almost theatrical form as they once were created by Spanish designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga.

What’s more, Italian tailoring is synonym of precision and passion, it’s the embodiment of art in every seam and stitch. Although it is based on a classic foundation, it is “flexible”, that is, it easily adapts to the market demand, in a creative way competes with foreign brands. Moreover, I think Italian fashion is a bit heavier than French ballet flats and less airy than Spanish dresses. Italian girls love black color, heavy boots (also in summer) and metallic accents. I remember an interview with Maria Pyzio the founder of the brand Solar. She said that Italian fashion was her biggest inspiration. She believes it’s incredibly inscribed into the everyday life of not only women but also men. It is so integral part of life that in the comparison with other countries it can be seen as a phenomenon. It’s hard not to agree with this opinion. I love the fact that both Italian men and women enjoy fashion. The way the Italians dress is almost an art. They don’t blindly follow the trends imposed by the designers, they rather adapt them to themselves and show their interpretations on the streets.

What is interesting, that is exactly the case that differs them from Polish women – they seem not to have this “false modesty” that we, polish girls, sometimes have. By no means I have in mind the provocative or defiant outfit, but rather the healthy courage to show one’s style without fear of being criticized. Sometimes I get the impression that we, dear countrywomen, are afraid to look too good for fear of comment  “why you got so dressed up”. However, I will leave this issue for a separate post. I just think, that we can learn a lot from Italians and their perception of fashion.


The pleated skirt


Well, here it is. It arrived a while ago, but only now it boldly hits the streets. Every Milanese girl wears it. It can be seen in eco-leather version or in very shiny, metallic hues. Kinda suspiring assuming Italian girls are in love with black. Ladies and gentlemen, signore e signori – the pleated skirt.

I have to admit that the skirt has been always my favorite part of clothing, especially the flared one, which some time ago was back on top again. The pleated skirt is quite a unique cut. However, it is my belief only two lengths may look elegant enough: the mid-calf and the maxi one. Let’s leave the above-knee pleated skirts to the schoolgirls and true fans of that kind of style.

The combination of a pleated skirt with other elements is really not that difficult. An excellent solution here is a delicate cotton or silk blouse. A classic, white T-shirt is To spice up the look, it is a good idea to match it with Ramones jacket, and cozy, chic sweater underneath. In order to look weightlessly, choose high heels or ankle boots. When it comes to styling summer outfits, the pleated skirt is a great match for tank and crop tops. Wedges and espadrilles are the must-have shoes for the upcoming summer. Wearing ballet flats with a midi skirt is also a good idea but only for tall girls!

New look in a 25-cent skirt


A walk through the streets of Cracow is always worth venture even if it is a constant heel-pavement gameplay. A starting point of this look was a skirt bought years ago in one of the local second-hands for less than Euro (it was 25 cents to be exact). Now, a perfect time has come to take it out of the closet, especially, when pleats are reigning on the streets tenaciously. I decided to make a small modification, using a potential of the delicate fabric. Properly sewn up, the skirt lost its standard, symmetrical length and got a second life. As a result, its soft line nicely contrasts with the rocky nature of the faux leather jacket.















Bey Vibe


Regardless of the mood, jeans are never a bad idea. I only have a few pairs but from time to time I decide to put them on (they usually lose to dresses). I love to put them together with high heels. This time I chose shoes with ankle straps because they fit perfectly with this ankle-length. cut. Although they are chunky heel platforms they look pretty delicate with the floral embroidery. The shirt is my own project made with the heat press. I placed the title of one of my favorite Beyoncé songs on it, like a true fan!