Far from heaven, but close to fall (2002)

Let's get real. Fall. It is not always sunny and gold. More often along with colorful leaves, it brings the promise of early winter and icy November evenings. This is the time of a year when you skip on your friends with some lame excuses and get cozy under the warm blanket. What to see? For Christmas films, it is still too early, and the ones set in summer would only cause unnecessary annoyance. There are a few titles that effectively can fight the autumn blues, one of them is "Far from Heaven".

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Waterloo Bridge (1940)

Running and kissing in the rain, contemplating by the window, love at first sight, in short, all those clichés…. Have you ever wonder where did it come from? Probably you roll your eyes while seeing all of it, repetitively, all over again, thinking “Isn’t there any better idea?” Well, there is not. At least I guess. In order to better understand the mechanisms working in this film, remember that what to us is obvious, once was incredibly new and even scandalous due to social standards and morals. I would like to present an absolute classic, romantic masterpiece, the reason of sobbing in the dark corners of the cinema. No, it’s not Titanic but Waterloo Bridge, an American production from 1940.

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Love And other Disasters: what are romantic comedies for? (2006)

What if Holly Golightly lived in London, and instead of having a ginger nameless cat on her lap she would have the latest edition of Vogue in her hand?

Well, she would look like Brittany Murphy, not Audrey Hepburn, but love for the classic charm would remain. Although the first one, more contemporary to us, runs through English streets in light ballet flats and white male shirt, the latter one ”rocks that Givenchy dress” on Fifth Avenue, both still embody elegance, so wonderful in its simplicity! Excellent simplicity! This expression reflects both heroine’s style and the film itself.

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