Milan Fashion Map: Armani/Silos

Milan is considered to be one of the key fashion capitals of the world, and I couldn’t agree more but why is that exactly? Is it the fact that the Italians are famous for its unique sense of style, and every second Italian woman that I pass by on the street has a luxury brand bag? Yes, but not only. Milan is one of the richest Italian cities, where life is, unfortunately, not the cheapest, and I witness it every day, wondering its streets, sometimes in a hurry, sometimes deliberately getting lost in its corners. Everywhere I go, I see countless boutiques with clothes, haberdashery, and accessories. Clothes shops are definitely easier to find than grocery stores, which can be sometimes quite funny because it’s easier to buy a new dress here than, for example …a pack of pasta. The shops are everywhere, even on the less popular streets or neighbourhoods. Nevertheless, Milan has its own charm: beloved by great designers is one of the top three alongside with Paris and New York cities, where twice a year there is a veritable fashion craze known as “Fashion Week”.

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