It seems that the fashion industry is still seen as  something frivolous, luxurious and even unnecessary. These common stereotypes, hence lack of understanding may result from the belief that fashion is still unsurpassed and closed world, inaccessible to ordinary people.

Is fashion industry like any other?

Surely, it involves an unbalanced (or better yet, seasonal) pace of work, it’s aimed at constant stimulation of demand and increase of income. Sounds like any other business? A new series on the blog, “Three fashion documents that …” will try to bring closer the environment, designers and all the mechanisms that govern this amazingly creative and dynamic industry.


Alexa Chung is an English former model, and now a journalist and the it girl. In cooperation with British Vogue, she created a series of mini-documentaries. The project is a combination of reportage and a bunch of interviews with people working in high fashion: from lawyers to top creative directors. Chung asks questions about the essence of the industry, its future and the potential chances of young people to start a career in this extremely difficult and competitive business. The document can be watched for free on Youtube.

Photo Credit: British Vogue


The September issue is the most important and the most extensive publication of the year. The document focuses on the process of its release which involves struggling with time and endless corrections. All of that in order to perfect absolutely every aspect of the American “Fashion Bible”. Here the word Vogue is a synonym of hard work and multifaceted creativity. Business and fashion form a peculiar combination which materializes on the pages of this shiny magazine. Even though it’s been ten years since it was released, it’s still in demand. The side effect is a wonderful book written by Grace Coddington, the Vogue creative director. Her “Memoir” is a fantastic journey through the stories of fashion magazines from the 1950s, filled with great names, anecdotes, and memories, an essential must-read for every fashionista.

Photo credit: Roadside Attractions/ Everett Collection


Bill Cunningham was one of the most unconventional and characteristic street fashion photographers. On his bicycle and in a blue jacket he photographed the best styles that he could spot in NYC. The documentary shows a warm and modest man whose world revolved around fashion. What’s striking, Bill had an eye for people: his interest in Anna Wintour appeared long before her becoming editor-in-chief for Vogue. The impressive list of celebrities appearing in this film shows his unique personality and iconic meaning of his work.

Photo credit: Zeitgeist Films / Everett Collection

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