I think there is no use to try to convince anyone to Italian cinema. Names such as Fellini or Rossellini are sufficient showcase of the cinema italiano. Usually, American filmmakers love Italy and treat it as a visually stunning set, a beautiful background for countless stories. It is hard to even think of every production that took place in cities such as Rome or Florence (I’m pretty sure I will prepare a separate post about it). Today, however, I will briefly present four films that will surely attract moviegoers! Interestingly, in each of these productions, women rule the roost, they are not always strong and independent in an obvious way, however, they have their own opinion, philosophy of life, and on top of that, the right to choose them.

1. PERFECT STRANGERS (Perfetti sconosciuti) 2016

This is the first movie I watched when I used to live in Italy. This picture was recommended to me by almost every person I met talking about films, and it was quite a sensation. Well, it turns out that you can gather seven fantastic actors seated at one table and have an astounding, bitter-sweet drama. Without sparing appalling occurrences which are presented so subtly that only proves the quality of the film, this story is an insightful and uncompromising reflection of our contemporary relationships, showing their hypocrisy and inability. It arouses caution and suggests that trust in the 21st century is nothing more than naivety and faith in archaic ideals. “Perfect Strangers” shows the mechanisms of people’s behavior, however, it doesn’t justify nor exonerate their occurrence. Next time, you’ll think twice before sitting down with friends at the common table.

2. MALÉNA (2000)

Italian directors like to observe women closely. In this case, Giuseppe Tornatore keeps his eagle eye on the title Malena, a local beauty who has just lost her husband to war. We can see her from the perspective of a young boy with a strong fascination for her, not surprisingly, shared by the rest of male part of a small Sicilian town. Even though it’s set in early forties, and in rather provincial environment, the story of an extraordinarily attractive woman, shows not so old-fashion social dynamics. Her beauty divides the local community, arouses anxiety and controversy. A quality, which every woman desires, becomes a burden, Malena’s curse and reason for many unexpected occurrences.

3.BREAD AND TULIPS (Pane e tulipani) 2000

¨Bread and Tulips¨ is a perfect movie for the days when you fell blue because “you’re getting fat and maybe it’s been raining too long,” like Holly Golightly from ¨Breakfast at Tiffany’s¨ would say. The main character, Rosalba, is a rather clumsy, but lovely, long-time housewife whose best years of marriage are far behind her. Left out and neglected by her husband, she gets lost during a family trip, and no one even notice her missing. Rosalba’s adventures are a pleasant journey to rediscover the joy of life, and alluring scenery of , Venice, shown from a little less tourist perspective. I recommend this picture to everyone who likes movies such as “Under the Tuscan Sun” or “Eat, Pray, Love.”

4. DO YOU SEE ME? (Scusate se esisto!) 2014

It´s that type of a comedy which is less romantic than funny, however lovers of this genere won´t be disappointed. After years of emigration, Serena decides to come back to Italy where she discovers that finding a job or love is not that easy and, as a matter of fact, quite tricky. Although she can easily get carried away, Serena has to face many obstacles in order to achieve happiness, and she tries to pursuit that by wandering the streets of Rome on her little Vespa.

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