RASPBERRIES AND CHOCOLATE, SKINNY JEANS AND RAMONES JACKET, Beyoncé and Jay-Z…well there are plenty of pairings that will never go out of style/taste. One of my personal all-time favorites is obviously the combination of fashion and film, also on a silver screen. I love when tv productions let the fashion play a meaningful role or even hand over the main focus.

Recently, when fashion is closer to the possibility of being understood as art (therefore successful industry), we can observe a rising interest in that field. I remember when Willie Walters, in one of the Vogue documentaries,  recalls that working in fashion in the 1970s was not considered very seriously, and in fact, she’d even had trouble while applying for driving insurance due to her occupation as a fashion designer! Now it sounds unbelievable because the concept of fashion has changed significantly and we can draw on fashion from various sources, which no longer is elusive or untouchable. Luckily, Tv’s one of those accessible wellsprings, so here are some very fashionable choices.

THE BOLD TYPE (2017 –)

New York, sex, and girl power? Yup, it’s all here, cooped up inside “Scarlet” magazine, its fashion closet and at editors’ desks. I absolutely love how the show radiates a blazing beam of feminity aimed at twenty-something-girls who are on top of their game. Three heroines, as different from each other as those gals that we all well know and adore from Sex and the City, struggle with their careers and love lives, discuss their priorities and have fun. The girls pursue their dream jobs in a popular magazine, with the editor-in-chief being their mentor. Photoshoots, fashion racks and lots of coffee to go guaranteed.

Photo credit: Universal Television/NBCU Photo Bank

#GIRLBOSS (2017)

The world of vintage fashion presented from the perspective of the charismatic Sophia. We follow her crazy, uncompromising life and her first steps in setting up a fashion online business when My Space was still a ”thing”. This one-season show (seriously, Netflix?) is a loose adaptation of the book by Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, who has become a motivational kick for any girl pursuing success. The series itself completely took my heart away, and I am smitten with the main character’s authenticity. At last, I saw a girl on TV, whose hair isn’t perfectly done, who sometimes sleeps in the same shirt she was wearing all day, cooks pasta and eats it on the couch cluttered with piles of clothes. What’s more, she even can get tired with running in her Lita platforms through the streets of San Francisco, just like a normal girl would have. Sophia does everything her own way, becomes successful and sometimes faces the consequences of taking a risk. I love such heroines. Who wouldn’t want to be like a Nasty Gal and have it all–kick-ass business and sense of style?

Photo Credit: Karen Ballard

CARRIE DIARIES (2013-2016)

Well, yet another show that got canceled, even though it was quite promising. Young Carrie Bradshaw, far before she met Mr.Big and lived on Upper East Side. It’s a show of her ”firsts”: first romances, breathtaking kisses, trips to New York that sweep little Miss Bradshaw off her feet, and men who break her heart/self-esteem (usually that comes together, doesn’t it?). Anyways, the show has an incredible vibe of the ’80s. Blatant colors, tacky extravagant hairstyles, and shoulder pads (please, do not make a comeback!) bring to mind Madonna’s early video clips. It oozes an aura of Studio 54 and Interview magazine. The series is a great study of fashion when the disco and roller skates were in vogue.

Photo credit: Nino Muñoz

YOUNGER (2015 –)

When I saw that Darren Star, the creator of Sex and the city is making another show set in New York (Brooklyn, to be exact), I instantly knew that I would watch it regardless of the plot. Thankfully, I didn’t even have to make myself watch it, because I got to like the show in a blink of an eye. The story of a New-Jersey-housewife pretending to be much younger, shifting back her age in order to get a job, got me interested, I must say. Her attempt to survive in a Big Apple where everyone pretends to be someone who they wished they were, doesn’t make Liza the biggest phony amongst them. As she works in a dreamy Manhattan skyscraper we have the opportunity to follow trendy heroines that work in publishing and fancy evening drinks at the hottest spots in the city. They are not only sophisticated fashionwise, but they are also confident and ambitious. And that sure as hell is hot as it’s never been before.

Photo credit: TV Land

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