Living in a new place always entails many captivating occurrences; starting off deliberately throwing yourself into the experience of getting lost in some narrow streets, discovering your favorite places or simply ending up in places where you never wanted to.

I absolutely love the second aspect, meaning, finding your favorite spots, especially when it happens by chance. I still remember my favorite café in Milan, which reminded me of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, it was not popular nor beautiful, most of the signiori came to talk about sports, the students were coming for the brioches and espresso quickly sipped at the bar counter, but I loved this place and its cappuccino. For me, that bar has some elusive quality. That is the beauty of discovering the favorite spots, you can’t always tell exactly why you love the particular place, you just keep coming back and enjoying it every single time.

Before I came to Seville I was curious whether this time I will find mine too. Surprisingly (or not) one of such places turned out to be the area near the Golden Tower, probably the most famous landmark of the capital of Andalusia. Located right at the riverside, it looks the most spectacular during the sunset and that’s how I first saw it. What’s more, at night it becomes kind of hotspot for the numerous bottellónes. Tinto nowhere tastes better!

Photo Credit: Michael Morritt











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