There is a place in the world where the clatter of heels is not accidental, the pattern of polka dot is proudly worn, and the flowers in the hair are not signs of kitsch nor are considered as tastelessness. Welcome to Seville, the cradle of flamenco, the hottest, literally, city in Spain. Please make yourself comfortable here as we gonna spend some time here. I hope my adventure in the capital of Andalusia will bring closer some fashion and culture of this country, and maybe I will be able to gradually say more about this place, not from the perspective of tourist but the resident. I am very curious about this experience, the differences I will discover between Spain and other countries that I used to live in. I’m happy to use another zip code now, although as I know myself, it will only be a stopover. Nevertheless, welcome Spain, be a good home to me. So far you have given me a warm welcome. Actually, very warm – 38 degrees. So I’m putting on my big, dark sunglasses and I’m on my way to get to know you better

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