Whenever I visit bookstores and grub around (unfortunately) poorly stocked fashion department, I am always surprised by the same thing – quite limited perception of the issue of fashion. Looking at the titles of available positions, it seems that only the French know how to dress, or it’s a trendy catch. I can’t even count the number of albums and guides that contain phrases like “French style”, “Parisian chic” or “be like French girl”. Undoubtedly, representatives of a country lying on the Seine can boast of good taste and impressive fashion history but are not the only ones on the map of Europe that can be proud of their style. The Italians are in step with them and the “made in Italy” tag incessantly tempts Polish women.

The fact that Italy is the cradle of fashion houses like Armani, Gucci or Prada makes this country unique. It is these designers who are responsible for the introduction of classic fragrances, clothes or accessories that are desirable from Madrid to Seoul. What is then, the difference between Italian and French fashion? I would say that Italian fashion is bolder. Immediately in my mind I have the picture of Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci store windows. Whenever I passed them on Via Della Spiga or Montenapoleone they always stood out against other luxury boutiques. Many Italian designers boldly leave the classics, often choosing  almost theatrical form as they once were created by Spanish designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga.

What’s more, Italian tailoring is synonym of precision and passion, it’s the embodiment of art in every seam and stitch. Although it is based on a classic foundation, it is “flexible”, that is, it easily adapts to the market demand, in a creative way competes with foreign brands. Moreover, I think Italian fashion is a bit heavier than French ballet flats and less airy than Spanish dresses. Italian girls love black color, heavy boots (also in summer) and metallic accents. I remember an interview with Maria Pyzio the founder of the brand Solar. She said that Italian fashion was her biggest inspiration. She believes it’s incredibly inscribed into the everyday life of not only women but also men. It is so integral part of life that in the comparison with other countries it can be seen as a phenomenon. It’s hard not to agree with this opinion. I love the fact that both Italian men and women enjoy fashion. The way the Italians dress is almost an art. They don’t blindly follow the trends imposed by the designers, they rather adapt them to themselves and show their interpretations on the streets.

What is interesting, that is exactly the case that differs them from Polish women – they seem not to have this “false modesty” that we, polish girls, sometimes have. By no means I have in mind the provocative or defiant outfit, but rather the healthy courage to show one’s style without fear of being criticized. Sometimes I get the impression that we, dear countrywomen, are afraid to look too good for fear of comment  “why you got so dressed up”. However, I will leave this issue for a separate post. I just think, that we can learn a lot from Italians and their perception of fashion.


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