When the sound of the Milan Fashion Week slowly fades away, and the eyes of all fashion enthusiasts were aimed at Paris, it’s time for my relation from this event. Obviously, as a little “rookie” in the blogosphere, my Fashion Week was not revolved around runways of such collections as Prada or Armani, however, I had the pleasure to take part in several shows and very sapid contest for young designers…And sapid is an accurate word here. But more of this later.

Fashion as “a constant” which is always in flux, its variability expresses the demand and the perception of consumers. Treated as a form of art is constantly subjective. It is my belief, that fashion doesn’t have to be outrageous, extravagant and shocking, this kind of emotions I prefer while sitting in the theater, nevertheless it must delight, give a sense of aesthetics and presents original beauty. It should be female when it is for a woman; male when dedicated to a man, rarely the other way around … The fashion show of Serbian designer Marija Sabic precisely depicts the essence of femininity it was gentle, sensual and elegant. Definitely “anti-unisex”. The wow effect which is not forced, a natural unconstrained chic. The entire collection, ranging from modest and elegant jumpsuits to sensual yet richly decorated evening, appeals to me. However, a few things stuck in my mind exceptionally and there is one dress I’d like to see again.. only this time hanging in my closet!

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