It’s been a while time since I said my first Ciao! in Milan. Although summer has not said its last word yet, fall is approaching inexorably, and you can see it, not by colorful leaves, but by first models appearing on Milanese streets, heralding upcoming madness of Milan Fashion Week.

You feel that you starting to belong to the city, when slowly, slowly, or as an Italian would say piano, piano you are able to create your little routines, you already have your favorite places, and you can help the confused tourists where to go, or even argue with some hand gestures in Italian!

They say that’s no better place to fall in love than Paris, no better place to try delicious dumplings than Poland or no better carnival as it is in Rio! Well… I think that there is no better place to buy and read “Vogue” than Milan! Hence my next little spot on my Milan Fashion Map! It’s a charming newsstand on Via Giardini, near Montenapoleone metro station, next to the Armani Café and a famous monument dedicated to the former president, Sandro Pertini, which looks more like a mini version of those red stairs, that are in Times Square, New York City.

A place very Vogue, very Milan.

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