If you want to enjoy the timeless collections of Prada, admire beautiful dresses and suits it is better for you to stand in front of one of the boutiques at Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.. because here you will not find them. This is not a place devoted to the achievements of the Prada brand, contrarily it is a place that uses these achievements in order to present interesting creators of the contemporary art. Fondazione Prada is part of a specific type of brand promotion, where without showing their products, it is yet another kind of advertisement for the duo Prada-Bertelli. Some might say that all collections, especially the accessories such as handbags, shoes, and belts, from which it all began, are the works of art themselves. However, Prada, moving to another level in 1995, creates a foundation focused on art: the controversial, electrifying, strange. Art, which in no way goes hand in hand with the famous Saffiano bag. Here, in a place created by great designers and strategists of fashion industry the art and the fashion is separated by a fine line.

Fondazione Prada guided by their instincts selects artists interesting, unusual and daring, popular around the world. Not so long ago, their choice was our compatriot Goshka Macuga who by her exhibition astonished Muccia Prada herself last winter. However, during my visit, there were available three exhibitions by other artists: William N. Copley, Bette Saar and Edward Kienholtz, each distinct, depicting different subjects. These art presentations may not be easily understood and perhaps because of that can be undervalued. Certainly, many tourists are attracted by the popular brand name. After all, Italian galleries such as Florentine or Milanes are so rarely identified with contemporary art, hence there is no wonder this place, situated outside the center of the Milan, can pleasantly surprise some, others neatly disappoint. It is important to check the current exhibitions before deciding to visit it. There’s a reason I used the word “controversial” earlier.

(Discount tickets cost 8€, the normal 10€. It is not required to book in advance, however, tickets are available online. Closed on Tuesdays. You can get there by M3 (Loddi) but there is still a 15-minute walk, bus line 65 pulls almost in front of the buildings of the Foundation.)

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