One of my favorite places in Milan is Bar Magenta – in the city center, but slightly off the beaten track, which is not visited by a swarm of tourists, yet it is always live, especially during the famous aperitivo and happy hours. Ironically, only recently I have discovered that just around the corner is a bookstore, completely dedicated to the cinema, theater, and opera! Yes, that bookstores do exist, they have a soul and you will feel here great, raiding among the numerous shelves. This fantastic place made this whole area even more attractive to me.
Even before you come inside, you’re eyes are caught by richly exposed shop window with biographies of great stars, old publishing, numerous theatrical handbooks. Inside is even better – posters, lots of magazines about cinema, yearbooks, monthly issued magazines and even more books, also boxes with scenarios of operas and plays, screenplays and music sheets!
Normally, while setting points on a Milan Fashion Map I intently focus only on places I am describing, and my outfits presenting only with images. This time I decided to add a few words; Milanese fashion is not so diverse and extravagant as it might seem, but maybe more about some other time. Although the convenience of city life should oblige you to run in the flat, comfortable shoes, I faithfully stick to my taste and I often choose high heels. Yes, you can always compromise, take a bit bigger bag and take them with you. I still remember when I was in New York, that almost every girl, during her lunchtime, whether in dress or elegant suit was wearing sneakers, changing them later on under her desk at work for a more appropriate pair of heels. I, however, prefer heels, especially to skirts with such demanding cut as tulip one, or delicate ballet flats. In this version, my cute bows went to the back, because I match my shoes with fancy socks that can be found in the latest collection of Calzedonia. If you prefer more economical /”do it yourself” solution, you can always sew a bow made from satin ribbons on cotton socks. I know that for many people the set “high heels + socks” is still a risky choice, but hey! We are in Milan!

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