Another place on my map, Via della Spiga, is a prettier sister of a very famous and luxurious Via Montenapoleone (the main street leading from Duomo, where one can find numerous boutiques such as Channel, Dior or Valentino). Why prettier? Well, Via Montenapoleone, very popular yet not quite impressive: cars and tourists are everywhere which make leisurely walk almost impossible. On the contrary, Via Della Sprig is più elegante: typical, Italian, quite long and narrow stone alley (luckily heels-friendly). It’s quieter but with equally imposing shop windows like Prada, Dolce&Gabbana or Lanvin. While passing them, we may have the right impression that we almost admire exhibitions of modern art galleries. Boutiques in this area are not favorable to an average pocket, but if you want to feel the trendy and modern atmosphere of the city, you should choose this place, it is not away from the hustle, but it is on out-of-its-way.

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