“They say the first sentence in any speech is always the hardest. Well, that one’s behind me, anyway.” said Polish  nobelist Wisława Szymborska. Well, she was right and helped me to start. The idea, to create as popular venture as the blog is, was born at least 2 years ago, however, I didn’t have enough time and courage, and the final kick in the ass came along with my moving to Milan, Italy.

Although I might sound cliche I have to admit: I love fashion, not necessarily trends, I perceive fashion as a form of art, and I can be excited in the same way about Haute Couture Ellie Saab’s dress as for Klimt’s ”The Tree of Life”. I am also passionate about cinematography, the European one, hence Italian. The merger of these two subjects seems to be obvious. According to my maths dialog plus picture plus actor equals film. The actor is a model, not necessarily slim and with basketball player’s hight, but the model of emotions, behavior, and thoughts that he can dress just like a coat, and it’s makes him a professional. Not surprisingly, there are directors who are concerned about the dress in the same way as for an actress who wears it. They create an integral picture with the emotions, and that is the reason that we remember not only particular scenes, but also the costumes, which can, perversely, play better than the actor himself. Yes, play; often in the acting, it is said that the costume plays. Sometimes it has its own life, but he happens to be waiting for a bit of acting-directing magic in order to live… About that magic…

Starting with “Monte Carlo Baby” is not aleatory. For me, it’s the synonym of beginning. It was on the very set of the film, where Mademoiselle Audrey Hepburn, later Hubert de Givenchy’s good friend, won her golden ticket to her timeless fame. Here the eyes of the famous French writer Collete spotted “Bambi Eyes” and hired her to the title role in Broadway adaptation of her book “Gigi”.

I am not surprised if that story doesn’t sound familiar, usually, Audrey name is only associated with “Breakfast at Tifanny’s”. Surely, I will get back to her more than once, her film achievements and devoted work for UNICEF. So far, my only conclusion is…everyone starts somewhere.

She started in Monaco…So did I.

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