There is no Eiffel Tower, but there are palms, there is no La Défense, but there are Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias – although Paris and Valencia seem to be extremely different cities, I have found many common features in them.

Frankly, it’s not my first visits to Valencia and I must admit that every time I go there I like this place even more. Maybe it doesn’t have that kind of energy typical for a dynamic European metropolis but there is something about this city that brings to mind the buzz of Milan or Paris streets. As in Paris, you can find some charming cafes, or like in Milan, you can easily buy the latest Vogue or roasted chestnuts right on the street. The architecture of the city will absolutely delight every enthusiast of urban, elegant buildings. Just like in Paris, we can see here beautiful,  monumental bridges, with the difference that under them there is a sprawling expanse of Turia Park because many years ago the inhabitants of Valencia literally changed the river’s course. Valencia is not a cosmopolitan city, however, in the comparison to other Spanish cities, such as Seville, where I had the pleasure to live for a few months, it comes off quite interestingly. Seville, the fourth largest city in Spain (just after Valencia) is more tourist than industrial and has this unique Andalusian pep, which is in vain to find in Valencia. It is a small, charming city, a nice postcard from Spain whereas Valencia has the element of urban breeze and European eclecticism. It is a synthesis of Parisian style, seaside resort, and southern ease.

Can it be my favorite Spanish city? Who knows, I haven’t seen Barcelona yet.









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