Well, here it is. It arrived a while ago, but only now it boldly hits the streets. Every Milanese girl wears it. It can be seen in eco-leather version or in very shiny, metallic hues. Kinda suspiring assuming Italian girls are in love with black. Ladies and gentlemen, signore e signori – the pleated skirt.

I have to admit that the skirt has been always my favorite part of clothing, especially the flared one, which some time ago was back on top again. The pleated skirt is quite a unique cut. However, it is my belief only two lengths may look elegant enough: the mid-calf and the maxi one. Let’s leave the above-knee pleated skirts to the schoolgirls and true fans of that kind of style.

The combination of a pleated skirt with other elements is really not that difficult. An excellent solution here is a delicate cotton or silk blouse. A classic, white T-shirt is To spice up the look, it is a good idea to match it with Ramones jacket, and cozy, chic sweater underneath. In order to look weightlessly, choose high heels or ankle boots. When it comes to styling summer outfits, the pleated skirt is a great match for tank and crop tops. Wedges and espadrilles are the must-have shoes for the upcoming summer. Wearing ballet flats with a midi skirt is also a good idea but only for tall girls!

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