Lacinemoda is an affair with film fashion, which I adapt to a contemporary style. The most iconic (as well as those not so popular) outfits I reimagine using latest trends and clothes that are currently on sale. I want to show that film fashion can come out of the screen onto the street and become part of our individual style. I choose movies I love because of the atmosphere, history, or simply the unique style of heroines. I have a soft spot for pictures set in European cities. I especially like films with charismatic, strong female characters. I’ve always wanted to create a place where I can talk about my two passions, film and fashion.

In English, there is the word reimagined (imagined anew, created anew), which best reflects the whole process of creating stylisations in the “cine” section of Lacinemoda.

My blog was created in 2016, when I moved to Milan, which is one of my favourite places to this day. I currently live in Valencia, Spain, where I work on my projects.

I invite you to the world of cinema and fashion.

Enjoy reading,