Last weekend, the Fashion Inside event was held in Świętochłowice. This is the third edition of these particular meetings with fashion so enthusiastically welcomed by the residents of Silesia. Because believe it or not, polish fashion is becoming our national export commodity, it really does exist and it is in a good shape. Fashion Inside proves that right, year after year, leveling up, inviting more and more interesting designers.

This year’s edition is nothing but five outstanding Polish designers who presented their selected collections.

The event opened with the high-level show of TDE brand by Tadeusz Gwóźdź. His collection is a tribute to the youth spirit and extravagance focused on unpretentious yet sexy black. Gwóźdź showed women’s projects in the style of sporty elegance, one of them presented by Oksana Popiela, who is also the face of his latest collection. The line emanates with confidence and sporty sex appeal.

Next on the catwalk appeared models in clothing and accessories of Ola Stodółka, the creator of the Unique brand. As the name suggests, this is a fairly unique combination of casual colors and cuttings with original elements and accessories entirely made of glass. The collection recalls the delicacy and elusiveness.

All the fashion shows were interspersed by a rich artistic program, including this year’s polish representative on Eurovision in Kiev, Kasia Moś and charismatic violin concert performed by Magdalena Szymańska.

Third on the catwalk appeared beautiful Italian fabrics in the collection by Mia Stilo. Its designer, Agnieszka Bonisławska created an ultra-feminine line, ethereal, full of motives of ferns, flowers, and butterflies. Especially memorable was the slogan of her campaign ”How I love myself “which certainly should be on every woman’s mirror. Or, as printed on their t-shirts. In any case, women wearing this collection will be for sure a step closer to this affirmation.

Not only of women but also of men took care Piotr Popiołek in his bold collection. Here boredom does not exist, each project appearing on the runway deepened the aura of extravagant chic and naughty pugnacity.

The last but not least were models wearing the collection of Dominika Syczyńska, the citizen of Gliwice. Some time ago she was familiar to me thanks to her jewelry items available on Now Dominika also designs clothes, and her summer-spring collection for 2016 is full of energy, color, and determination. Tight cuts, dyed leather, fancy stitches and cuts evoke the urban jungle.

Cultural-fashion events like that one slowly fill the calendars of local events, luckily it’s a gradual and spreading phenomenon. Well, finally that fashion can be seen locally, and there are people who do their best to inculcate the interest in a wider audience.

It’s the fashion for fashion!

All Photos (za zgodą): Katarzyna Kaczmarczyk  Studio Atomówka

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