What if Holly Golightly lived in London, and instead of having a ginger nameless cat on her lap she would have the latest edition of Vogue in her hand?

Well, she would look like Brittany Murphy, not Audrey Hepburn, but love for the classic charm would remain. Although the first one, more contemporary to us, runs through English streets in light ballet flats and white male shirt, the latter one ”rocks that Givenchy dress” on Fifth Avenue, both still embody elegance, so wonderful in its simplicity! Excellent simplicity! This expression reflects both heroine’s style and the film itself.

,, Love and Other Disasters“ is a light, pleasant romantic comedy, with rain, London, and beautiful outfits, and the story plot, here again, I repeat: simple and a bit predictable, but then again so charming and humorous, you can let it get away because isn’t a happy ending he domain of the genre? Isn’t that a happy ending the reason why we choose such films in a first place? Let us not be hypocrites and admit the fact. Even superhero films have a storyline so clear (the struggle between good and evil) and even more obvious ending (good wins). So before we judge, let us remember for what type of viewer it was created in the first place; the one who’s looking for entertainment, with a clear moral that can be easily caught throughout the film. What’s wrong with that someone from the screen will tell us simply that love or friendship is important? Nowadays even such banal can be easily forgotten and the 90-minute session may remind us what we have been missing.

Every time I reach for this movie, I feel sorry, we didn’t get to know more on the talent of the actress, which, we must admit, didn’t always have accurate choices for the roles. Nevertheless, Brittany Murphy aka Jacks, creates the most charming, warm character, contemporary Holly, who confronts love with our idea of it.

Sometimes we may get the impression that some scenes or character’s behavior are like taken out of the melodrama. However, I believe this is intentional, and this comedy is nothing but a satire on relationships and people. Fresh and stylish, with humor served in a British way, which with the rest of the movie creates a tasty morsel; exactly what a romantic comedy should be like. Do not look for the hidden meaning where there is not one. In this particular case, look for fashion, and you’ll find one.


Love and other Disasters


Alek Keshishian


Michele Clapton

Favorite Quote

Jacks: I keep hoping that I’ll grow into it. That maybe one day I’ll wake up and I’ll feel…
Peter: What?
Jacks: In love! You know, dizzy and feverish and nausea.
Peter: That’s not love, Jacks. That’s the flu.

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