Today a “look” starring flare jeans. I know how different opinions are about them, especially those with a looser cut, boyfriend style or with a bunch of irregular holes. I know how through a pair of pants, an extravagant dress or uncommonly colored hair one can be pigeonholed.

Personally, I think such generalizations are the greatest enemy when it comes to creating a style of our own, especially in Poland, where we are still too shy about experimenting with clothes. The power of individual style is reflected in our personality more often than we even think. Not without reason, the old saying, “Fine feathers make fine birds”, still works. Regardless of our opinion on that subject, the clothes are an integral part of the personality in the same way as they used to determine one’s social status or wealth. The style speaks of us before we even open our mouth.

But where is the fashion in all this?

Well, it’s just one of the many tools that create the style. Seasonal trends, mom’s vintage closet or movie inspirations are the elements of this everyday puzzle and inform about our character, taste or even mood.

Maybe the coat doesn’t make the man, but for sure it tells a lot about him.

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